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Mining for Tickets – Touts & Ticket Stealing Bots

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Automated ticket mining bots can get around security measures designed to limit ticket purchases. These bots can hoover up hundreds of tickets within seconds of their release. The tickets then almost immediately appear at vastly inflated prices on resale websites.

In early 2017 Viagogo a secondary ticketing website was accused of “moral repugnance” for reselling tickets to an Ed Sheeran cancer charity gig for up to £5,000. An £85 seat to see Adele at the London O2 in 2016 was reportedly being sold online for £24,840.

The use of bots will soon become a criminal offence as part of a crackdown on resale websites. Touts who use bots to mine for concert tickets before selling them for massive profits – and blocking fans from seeing their favourite artists – will also face unlimited fines.

Ticketing firms must introduce tougher anti-bot measures and stronger enforcement of consumer rights laws. Presently, too much lip service is paid to the problem without any real steps being taken to combat it. 


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Ticket Resellers, “Legal” Domestic Touts, Illegal Offshore Touts

My Face Value is preparing for launch on 31st December 2017. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Facebook and Twitter

It is important that fans understand that there are different types of secondary ticket companies. Some of these outfits have no affiliation with associations, football clubs, or supporters clubs and are often based offshore so that they are not subject to UK law.

The general resale of football tickets in the UK was banned in 1994 because of safety fears over the possibility of rival fans mingling together. Only outlets officially authorised by clubs can offer unwanted seats. But tickets are not always sold at face value on these websites even though they are authorised by a club to act as an authorised ticket reseller. Other clubs do have deals with resellers where tickets cannot be sold for more than face value.

But overseas firms can avoid UK consumer law and the Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers warns the online trade allows unscrupulous firms to “dupe unsuspecting ticket buyers”.

Under UK law, tickets advertised must include the cost and location of seats in the stadium. But during the course of 5 live Investigates research they found many examples where this did not happen or the tickets arrived late. The investigation also found that Premier League tickets with a face value of £23 were being be resold for as much as £130 each.

In a bid to clamp down on illegal trading clubs commenced seizing tickets in recent years.


One firm, Ticketbis, was found to have distributed season tickets and it was also claimed it was reselling tickets associated with people already banned from a stadium. When asked to respond to the allegations, Ticketbis, which is based in Spain, said it is a “secure online platform that works as an intermediary between individuals that want to buy and sell tickets in 40 countries”. The company did not comment on the illegal sale of football tickets.

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“The Last Official Buyer Will Be The Only Person Allowed Gain Entry” Rule

My Face Value is preparing for launch on 31st December 2017. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Recently a My Face Value community member asked our customer service team the following question:

“I got scammed today. Sold my ticket to a “mate” he said it was for his girlfriend. I ordered a paper ticket for her to pick up from the ticket office. It got touted for nearly double FV. How will My Face Value be able to stop this from happening?”

The community member asked that their identity not be disclosed but below is what we replied and how My Face Value propose to fight this problem:

We are very sorry to hear that. Its an endemic problem though and not surprising but as you say the “mate” was in quotes. Like all change this will be a gradual process however My Face Value have very specific offers to make to the football clubs with respect to managing the ticketing process and the enforcement of “the ‘last’ official buyer will be the only person allowed to gain entry rule”.

The Interim Solution 

Before the introduction of enforcement measures to ensure that “the ‘last’ official buyer will be the only person allowed to gain entry rule” we have implemented a process of “good standing” in the My Face Value community. While in the interim this will not stop the phenomenon that you describe – it will only allow a “tout” to do it once on our platform.

In parallel with this we have also developed a sophisticated process for “Tout Detection” which is covered briefly in this blog post to prevent the problem from occurring at all – not even once – but in reality one will always slip through from time to time and in those cases we will protect the community from a reoccurrence.

Keeping The My Face Value Community Tout Free 

My Face Value community members (hereafter “CM’s”) are uniquely identified by a combination of their email address and their phone number.

My Face Value CM’s have a “Good Standing” rating based on their activity on site, their BUY / SELL / SWAP order history and performance against other key criteria including pattern matching and algorithms to detect suspicious behaviour. The possible movement of CM’s between states are:

  1. Registered Inactive (No transactions completed);
  2. Registered Active (1 or more transactions completed);
  3. Active Suspended (Pending Appeal) – Marked as engaged in suspicious activity based on profiling and pattern matching and/or reports by other community members;
  4. Banned (Banned for Life) – Appeal denied.

Proposal To Football Clubs For Ticketing Enforcement & Control

In parallel with this My Face Value have developed technology and processes to implement rigorous enforcement and control of “the ‘last’ official buyer will be the only person allowed to gain entry rule” at the turnstiles as follows:

  1. Currently, season ticket holders Terms & Conditions necessitate that unused tickets are returned to the Club if not used and if the holder wishes to have them re-allocated;
  2. In cases where this is not done then the phenomenon that you describe is always possible because of a lack of “Enforcement & Control”.

In partnership with the football clubs My Face Value propose to combat the problem as follows:

  1. When a ticket is sold or swapped in the My Face Value community we will ultimately be seeking permission from the clubs to allocate a NEW ticket;
  2. The re-issued My Face Value ticket will be a mirror image of the original ticket with one significant difference – it will contain information unique to the My Face Value purchaser / swapper – namely an embedded photo, watermarking and a bar code;
  3. In the short term a visual inspection will verify that the person seeking to gain entry is the My Face Value purchaser / swapper;
  4. In the mid term this visual inspection will be augmented with a process where a scanner (which My Face Value will issue to the Clubs) will ensure with 100% certainty that the person seeking entry is the My Face Value purchaser / swapper and that the ticket is not a forgery;
  5. In the event that a “tout” or “forgery” is detected at the turnstiles by our scanners then all associated parties with that ticket will be immediately and automatically placed in the “Active Suspended (Pending Appeal)” Good Standing status on the My Face Value platform;
  6. This process is hugely summarised here to avoid writing a 50 page reply but this is the essence of our approach.

We hope that this answers your question. If you need any further clarifications please email us at support@myfacevalue.co.uk and don’t give that “mate” of yours any more tickets!


Appoint My Face Value As Your Official Ticketing & Marketing Agent

My Face Value is preparing for launch on 31st December 2017. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

My Face Value is not just about giving face value access to the most popular or sold out events and challenging the touts, corporate resale cartels and vested interests. That is only one part of what My Face Value are doing.

All Clubs, not just those who are in the top tiers, have fans who are not locals. Visiting fans who wish to go to games because they are in town. But these fans have a number of barriers to acquiring tickets.

The Club may not offer an online option to purchase tickets for games. The Club ticket shop may only be open for specific and restrictive hours each week. But before even calling the ticket hotline or accessing the Club website the fan must acquire the relevant information.

It can often seem like just a little too much hassle and often times results in lost potential ticket sales.

Focus On Your Strengths

My Face Value are not offering Ticketing Software Solutions that Clubs need to implement or embed in their websites or require any in-house IT skills. Clubs are in the business of football not IT. But if you want us to do that too – then we can and we will.

With My Face Value you do not have to market your website – a tricky exercise and expensive – instead the Club benefits from My Face Value brand awareness and reach. Your ticketing and marketing space on My Face Value will contain all of your own Club branding.

The Go-To Location for Tickets with Killer Features

Some of the killer features that your Club will get with My Face Value Ticketing & Marketing are:

  • Support for Paper and Digital Tickets;
  • Payment Fraud Prevention and Counterfeit Detection & Prevention;
  • Fan Registrations with Opt-In Email;
  • Sell Club Merchandise;
  • Sell Gift Vouchers;
  • Notify fans of Discount Codes to Drive Ticket & Merchandise Sales;
  • Run Fundraisers, Promotions, Competitions & Giveaways;
  • Blog to your Club’s Fan Base;
  • Tracking Your Sales Performance and Benefit From Better Forecasting.

And it’s free with all of the costs picked up by the fan in the form of a small transaction charge. There are no setup fees either.

Your Official Ticketing & Marketing Agent (OTMA) 

Register your interest in appointing My Face Value as your Clubs Official Ticketing & Marketing Agent (OTMA) please email PROclubs@myfacevalue.co.uk & we will manage everything on your Clubs behalf .


Register Your Club To Use My Face Value Free Of Charge

My Face Value is preparing for launch on 31st December 2017. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Facebook and Twitter

What Will My Face Value Do For Your Club?

My Face Value will make our platform available for use by your Club – free of charge – for:

  • Ticketing – Selling Tickets To Your Games
  • Posting Your Fixtures & Results
  • Promotions – Announcing Events & General News
  • Running Competitions & Fundraisers
  • Merchandising – Your Club Shop Online
  • Blogging – Allowing You To Keep Your Fans & Community Informed
  • Other – We will take suggestions for other services that Clubs would like us to consider providing

Why Are My Face Value Doing This?

The My Face Value mission is to remove touts (street level and corporate) from the ticket supply chain.

Touting and ticket price gouging will always exist in one form or another. In time, the positive disruptive activities of My Face Value will make touting far less prevalent and see far less wasted money from honest punters on counterfeit tickets or genuine fans being priced out of attending events.

We need the Clubs support to achieve our goals. Especially around a universally accepted process that governs the secondary ticket market that we want to see operate at Face Value ONLY with NO touting of any kind.

My Face Value is committed to introducing positive change. To demonstrate the My Face Value commitment to the grassroots and the development and promotion of football and fairness at all levels of the game we stated at the outset that we would allow qualifying Clubs access to our platform – free of charge.

By doing so we are giving qualifying Clubs access to world class marketing tools, technology and best practices to promote their Clubs and their Communities.

Who Can Register?

Registration is available to all clubs in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who do NOT play in the following leagues:

  • English Premier League
  • English Football League Championship
  • English League One
  • English League Two
  • English National League
  • English National League North
  • English National League South
  • Scottish Premiership
  • Scottish Championship
  • Scottish League One
  • Scottish League Two
  • Welsh Premier League
  • NIFL Premiership
  • NIFL Championship
  • League of Ireland Premier Division
  • League of Ireland First Division

To register your interest please email AMAclubs@myfacevalue.co.uk


"Keep Money Out Of Touts Hands!" | My Face Value Interview

My Face Value is preparing for launch on 31st December 2017. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Chris caught up with John Aldridge and Graham Penrose to talk about My Face Value, a new way of fans and supporters purchasing tickets.

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