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The CIA Dark Triad – Windows, macOS & Linux

According to the WikiLeaks Vault 7 dump the CIA deploys malware that includes the capability to hack, remotely view and/or clone devices running the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

This seems to suggest that the agency has no problem bypassing encryption, proxies, VPN and that Tor anonymity is a myth.

This does not mean that each of the point solutions offering a product under each of the above headings have been compromised. Rather it means that the OS level hack capability of the CIA – as seen on iOS and Android – means that they can gain full control of the device and render any point solution counter measures moot.

Therefore they subvert the platform which by extension means that anything that is running on the platform is subverted.

Tablet, laptop, smart-phone, AV device – it seems they are all fair game and in that case so is everything that you do on them.

You have been warned.

You are being watched.


Terrorist Technology: “Amn al-Mujahid” (Security of the Mujahid)

On June 7, 2014, the Al­ Fajr Technical Committee (FTC) released an Android version of its ‘Amn Al­-Mujahid’ encryption program. The FTC also announced the launching of its new website – alfajrtaqni.net (now inaccessible).

BLOG - ENC - Amn Al­-Mujahid - Al-Qaeda.Android

The FTC was established in September 2012. It is comprised of an unknown number of individuals with various technical backgrounds. In December 2013, the FTC launched the first version of the encryption program. This version of their software was the evolution of several other encryption programs that were previously deployed for use by jihadis.

Commenting about its new Android app, the FTC wrote on its website:

“Your brothers in the Technical Committee, which belongs to Al-Fajr [media] center, were able to write the ‘Amn Al-Mujahid program. The ‘Amn Al-Mujahid program is characterized by a strong encryption, and it is the best aid for the brothers since it follows the technological advancements [in the field]. The encryption scheme of the program [can be] easily developed and updated [further] if necessary. That is in addition to the program being able to run on mobile phones. Add to that the technological experience… of the brothers in the [Al-Fajr] Technical Committee in the field of encryption, and which made this program more secure. The ‘Amn Al-Mujahid program has been provided with a 4096 bit public key [encryption]… making it the most secure system among the other [encryption] algorithms.”

For a review of AQ’s use of encryption see MEMRI’s Inquiry & Analysis report No. 1086, Al-Qaeda’s Embrace Of Encryption Technology – Part II: 2011-2014, And The Impact Of Edward Snowden April 25, 2014.

A full copy of this MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor is available if you send an email with the report title, number, and date in the subject line, and include your name, title, organization, and official contact info in the body of the email to that organization.