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Appoint My Face Value As Your Official Ticketing & Marketing Agent

My Face Value is preparing for launch on 31st December 2017. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

My Face Value is not just about giving face value access to the most popular or sold out events and challenging the touts, corporate resale cartels and vested interests. That is only one part of what My Face Value are doing.

All Clubs, not just those who are in the top tiers, have fans who are not locals. Visiting fans who wish to go to games because they are in town. But these fans have a number of barriers to acquiring tickets.

The Club may not offer an online option to purchase tickets for games. The Club ticket shop may only be open for specific and restrictive hours each week. But before even calling the ticket hotline or accessing the Club website the fan must acquire the relevant information.

It can often seem like just a little too much hassle and often times results in lost potential ticket sales.

Focus On Your Strengths

My Face Value are not offering Ticketing Software Solutions that Clubs need to implement or embed in their websites or require any in-house IT skills. Clubs are in the business of football not IT. But if you want us to do that too – then we can and we will.

With My Face Value you do not have to market your website – a tricky exercise and expensive – instead the Club benefits from My Face Value brand awareness and reach. Your ticketing and marketing space on My Face Value will contain all of your own Club branding.

The Go-To Location for Tickets with Killer Features

Some of the killer features that your Club will get with My Face Value Ticketing & Marketing are:

  • Support for Paper and Digital Tickets;
  • Payment Fraud Prevention and Counterfeit Detection & Prevention;
  • Fan Registrations with Opt-In Email;
  • Sell Club Merchandise;
  • Sell Gift Vouchers;
  • Notify fans of Discount Codes to Drive Ticket & Merchandise Sales;
  • Run Fundraisers, Promotions, Competitions & Giveaways;
  • Blog to your Club’s Fan Base;
  • Tracking Your Sales Performance and Benefit From Better Forecasting.

And it’s free with all of the costs picked up by the fan in the form of a small transaction charge. There are no setup fees either.

Your Official Ticketing & Marketing Agent (OTMA) 

Register your interest in appointing My Face Value as your Clubs Official Ticketing & Marketing Agent (OTMA) please email & we will manage everything on your Clubs behalf .


"Keep Money Out Of Touts Hands!" | My Face Value Interview

My Face Value is preparing for launch on 31st December 2017. To keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Chris caught up with John Aldridge and Graham Penrose to talk about My Face Value, a new way of fans and supporters purchasing tickets.

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