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Art For Action – Call for Pledges of Donations of Photography and Prints

Hello Everyone,

In preparation for our launch this December (31st) Art for Action (Twitter: @Art4Homeless) are calling for pledges of donations from artists and photographers.

It has been a pretty hectic process getting everything set up to support the charity and to ensure that we comply with the various regulations and to guarantee transparency for everyone involved.

Worthy of note before we say anything else is that all of the proceeds from the sale of donated art and photography will go to homeless charities in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

There will be no fees, no administration charges, no hidden this, that, and the other levied by Art for Action. All staff provide their services on a voluntary basis. Our founder is providing for the cost of all setup and ongoing costs. Some third party costs will be incurred in terms of payment processing fees and auction site fees and these will be paid from the purchase price of each piece – as is the norm – but that is it.

When the website launches there will be an entire section devoted to how Art for Action conducts its affairs and the accounts of the charity will be available for inspection by any member of the public – on request – without cost.

Call for Pledges of Donations – Artists, Photographers, Photojournalists

There are three ways to pledge:

1. Donate a digital version of your print to Art For Action and explicitly consent in writing that Art for Action have been granted the right to promote and resell the print and also specify the number of prints Art for Action can sell of this print, or specify unlimited;

2. Donate a printed version which the artist or photographer or photojournalist sends to our offices for resale;

3. Donate a printed, mounted, and framed version which is sent to our offices for resale;

All of the above choices are at the complete the discretion of the person donating their work. In each case the following information is also required:

  1. Title of the piece and description;
  2. A sample watermarked digital version of the piece (if applicable);
  3. A suggested guide price;
  4. Please email all details of donations (1-3 above) to

We are very grateful for your assistance and we look forward to publishing success stories throughout the coming years while improving the plight of the many people suffering from the effects of homelessness.

Thank you.

The Skies in Places That I Have Been, 2013 – 2016

These are photographs by a very amateur photographer – me – using some very professional cameras (at times), of the skies and weather on my travels in Syria, Vietnam, Turkey, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Macedonia, Greece, France, Serbia, Ukraine & on the Sea.

They are randomly ordered and not labelled – the best ones (IMHO) are not at the top – but between time pressures and Blogger usability issues that is just the way it is for now – so scroll down to the end – some of the most interesting shots are dotted throughout. I will at a later date re-order them in terms of my preferences and also add descriptions of place and time.

Subject Matter 

So many colors, so many natural phenomena, so much beauty including Dawn, Sunrises, Sunsets, Dusk, Storm Clouds, Rolling Fogbanks, Rainbows, Double Rainbows, The Moon, Lightning, the Full Sun, the Blood Moon 2015 & Eclipses. 

Camera Types 

The pictures are of varying quality because they were taken variously with a Nikon Camera, Canon Camera, Pentax Camera, Sight Camera, iPhone Camera, Scope Camera & Samsung Phone Camera. 

No Copyright – Free to Use 

I hope that you enjoy them – they are offered for those who are interested in travel and photography and nature and not as a professional gallery. I do not enforce copyright on any of these images. Mother nature provided the spectacle for free and so do I. Feel free to share them or post them or print them or bin them 🙂 

We do not travel to escape life but so that life does not escape us. (Quote author unknown – at least by me at any rate).