My name is Graham Joseph Penrose. I am an Irish ex-pat living and working in mainland Europe at present. I have a passionate love for liberty and respect for rights. In my view the human heart possesses a JUSTIFIED desire for equality. The STRONG must help the WEAK. No man should equate EQUALITY with SERVITUDE or INEQUALITY with FREEDOM.

Having said that I also believe that “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” ― Thucydides

About This Blog

This blog is wide-ranging and discusses many topics that are of interest to me – which are sort of interconnected when you stand back and look at them – including but not limited to:

  • Supporting the fight against Mass Surveillance, Prejudice, Racism, Fascism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Homophobia & Extreme Nationalism but especially “White” Nationalism and the Alt-Right “movement” which is simply code for “White” Supremacy;
  • Infosec & Cybersec and other core CS topics including AI, Cognition & Machine Learning – with technology, news and events that will be of interest to the private citizen who hold concerns regarding their information security and the protection of their data from unauthorized access from state and non-state actors.
  • Blackhat & Whitehat Hacking but also Hacktivism & Cyber Crusading;
  • Supporting the fight against Censorship & providing advocacy for Freedom of Speech, The Right to Privacy, The Right to Practice Religion & the preservation of Civil Liberties (I am agnostic but believe it is extremely important to respect the beliefs of all and to live in a community where integration, diversity, inclusiveness and tolerance are the order of the day);
  • The Environment, Climate Change & Ecology, Random Wisdom and Lifehacks;
  • Immigration & the Refugee Crisis in Europe but only in so far as it facilitates radicalism & extremism until proper vetting with the rigour that one would expect is put in place so that the vast majority of refugees can be facilitated and the exceptions dealt with accordingly;
  • Radical Islam, Global Jihad & Terrorist Technology (a clarification here – I am NOT an Islamophobe – these posts cover the activities of Islamist terrorist groups and state sponsors of Islamic terror including Iran, Saudi Arabia and for the time being Turkey (under Erdogan));
  • National Security & Mass Surveillance including the Investigatory Powers Bill (UK), the Patriot Act (USA), the NSA and GCHQ, The Five Eyes, The Nine Eyes and The Fourteen Eyes including intrusive surveillance programs such as Tempora, XKeyscore, PRISM, Muscular, ECHELON, Carnivore, DISHFIRE, STONEGHOST, Frenchelon, Fairview, MYSTIC, DCSN, Boundless Informant, BULLRUN, PINWALE & Stingray with a passing nod at False Flags (NOT conspiracy theories) and most favoured alphabet agency backdoors;
  • General developments in the nation of Israel and the nation of Kurdistan;
  • Internal and external matters as they relate to Russia;
  • Internal and external matters as they relate to China;
  • The Global Arms Trade and South & Central American Drug Wars;
  • Conflict on the African Continent;
  • Cyber warfare, cyber crime, encryption, crypto currency and blockchain technology;
  • Photography & Travel & posts about my experiences;
  • This blog is also for private citizens who seek to protect their privacy in the belief that in a democracy every law abiding individual is entitled to a private life. The information in this blog is not intended for use for any other purpose than to inform the law abiding citizen of the options available to them to protect their legitimate expectation of privacy;
  • Why so serious?! Sometimes I also indulge myself and write about some of my favourite things – Travel, Football, Orchids, Fitness, Spain, Art (Abstract) and House music 🙂 – bear with it. After all it is not all bad news and I have faith in people and the overwhelming wish of the majority to live in peace and have happy, loving, contented, quiet lives.


The implementation of the some of the privacy guides described in this blog are intended for legal use and not to facilitate acts of criminality – some of the techniques are “dual use” for the want of a better description. Not “dual use” in terms of Civilian and Military applications but rather Legal and Illegal uses.

If you are the type of person who feels the need to use the internet to hire a hit-man to shoot your dog, sell poor viagra substitutes or trade bomb making tips with your jihadi buddies then these guides are just as effective for you but that is not my intention.

Know this though if you fall into the latter category you also leave non-digital footprints, the forums which you may intend to visit may be compromised, the breadcrumbs that you will leave will betray you, the incorrect use of the anonymity tools and tips described herein will compromise you. And you will be caught.

Never mind the myriad honeypots and super secret squirrels lurking out there just waiting to nab you …… and in those I trust.

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