“The Last Official Buyer Will Be The Only Person Allowed Gain Entry” Rule

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Recently a My Face Value community member asked our customer service team the following question:

“I got scammed today. Sold my ticket to a “mate” he said it was for his girlfriend. I ordered a paper ticket for her to pick up from the ticket office. It got touted for nearly double FV. How will My Face Value be able to stop this from happening?”

The community member asked that their identity not be disclosed but below is what we replied and how My Face Value propose to fight this problem:

We are very sorry to hear that. Its an endemic problem though and not surprising but as you say the “mate” was in quotes. Like all change this will be a gradual process however My Face Value have very specific offers to make to the football clubs with respect to managing the ticketing process and the enforcement of “the ‘last’ official buyer will be the only person allowed to gain entry rule”.

The Interim Solution 

Before the introduction of enforcement measures to ensure that “the ‘last’ official buyer will be the only person allowed to gain entry rule” we have implemented a process of “good standing” in the My Face Value community. While in the interim this will not stop the phenomenon that you describe – it will only allow a “tout” to do it once on our platform.

In parallel with this we have also developed a sophisticated process for “Tout Detection” which is covered briefly in this blog post to prevent the problem from occurring at all – not even once – but in reality one will always slip through from time to time and in those cases we will protect the community from a reoccurrence.

Keeping The My Face Value Community Tout Free 

My Face Value community members (hereafter “CM’s”) are uniquely identified by a combination of their email address and their phone number.

My Face Value CM’s have a “Good Standing” rating based on their activity on site, their BUY / SELL / SWAP order history and performance against other key criteria including pattern matching and algorithms to detect suspicious behaviour. The possible movement of CM’s between states are:

  1. Registered Inactive (No transactions completed);
  2. Registered Active (1 or more transactions completed);
  3. Active Suspended (Pending Appeal) – Marked as engaged in suspicious activity based on profiling and pattern matching and/or reports by other community members;
  4. Banned (Banned for Life) – Appeal denied.

Proposal To Football Clubs For Ticketing Enforcement & Control

In parallel with this My Face Value have developed technology and processes to implement rigorous enforcement and control of “the ‘last’ official buyer will be the only person allowed to gain entry rule” at the turnstiles as follows:

  1. Currently, season ticket holders Terms & Conditions necessitate that unused tickets are returned to the Club if not used and if the holder wishes to have them re-allocated;
  2. In cases where this is not done then the phenomenon that you describe is always possible because of a lack of “Enforcement & Control”.

In partnership with the football clubs My Face Value propose to combat the problem as follows:

  1. When a ticket is sold or swapped in the My Face Value community we will ultimately be seeking permission from the clubs to allocate a NEW ticket;
  2. The re-issued My Face Value ticket will be a mirror image of the original ticket with one significant difference – it will contain information unique to the My Face Value purchaser / swapper – namely an embedded photo, watermarking and a bar code;
  3. In the short term a visual inspection will verify that the person seeking to gain entry is the My Face Value purchaser / swapper;
  4. In the mid term this visual inspection will be augmented with a process where a scanner (which My Face Value will issue to the Clubs) will ensure with 100% certainty that the person seeking entry is the My Face Value purchaser / swapper and that the ticket is not a forgery;
  5. In the event that a “tout” or “forgery” is detected at the turnstiles by our scanners then all associated parties with that ticket will be immediately and automatically placed in the “Active Suspended (Pending Appeal)” Good Standing status on the My Face Value platform;
  6. This process is hugely summarised here to avoid writing a 50 page reply but this is the essence of our approach.

We hope that this answers your question. If you need any further clarifications please email us at support@myfacevalue.co.uk and don’t give that “mate” of yours any more tickets!


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