Does anyone have experience of “KAYMERA MOBILE THREAT DEFENSE SUITE”

We are looking at this platform in parallel with the SaltDNA app which I previously posted about.

Kaymera has a pre-installed secured Android OS with integrated high-end security components to detect, prevent and protect against all mobile security threats without compromising on functionality or usability. A contextual, risk-based app uses a range of indicators to identify a risk in real-time and apply the right security measure so mitigation is performed only when needed and appropriate. Their Cyber Command Centre framework manages and enforces organization-specific permissions, security protocols and device policies. Monitors risk level, threat activities and security posture per device and deploys countermeasures.

The company is run by Omri Lavie (NSO Group of Pegagus spying platform fame) and his co-entrepreneur Shalev Hulio also founded Kaymera.

They are ostensibly solving the exact problems that NSO Group created with a super-secure phone for government officials. The CEO of Kaymera is Avi Rosen, former head of RSA’s Online Threats Managed Services group. The Kaymera offices are next door to NSO Group.

Any thoughts welcome.


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