Herculean Efforts at The Lemon Grove of Hercules

Sometimes a place is that good that you just have to write about it. Please note that this is an unpaid endorsement of the Limoneto di Ercole country house in Erchie, Italy. Erchie is a pleasant seaside town that is 10 minutes by taxi (EUR€5) from Cetara on the Amalfi Coast on the Gulf of Naples. The Limoneto di Ercole (Lemon Grove of Hercules) is perched on the cliffs overlooking the town.


What a pleasure this location is! The property is first class and the host is a real gent (Nicola – excuse the incorrect spelling I think). He cannot help enough with advice about everything from taxis to excursions to hikes to motor bike treks to restaurants to shopping to bus timetables to ferries.

The room we stayed in was 5 star with a mezzanine bedroom and an enormous king in the master bedroom. Huge bathroom and a well stocked self catering kitchen.

There is a 450 step / 1.2 km walk down the hill to the town of Erchie if you fancy the exercise. For the walker / hiker it is fine – even with shopping bags on the way back up. The path is lit in the evenings. Lizards and snakes will keep you company all the way 🙂

A view to kill for as it afforded a vista over the town of Erchie and the Gulf of Naples. The entire property is swathed in lemon and lime groves which are carefully manicured and managed by the ever present Isaac.

After a long days hike or ferry hopping there is a grass platform which gets the sun until after 6pm replete with a hot tub! This is one of the best self catering locations I have stayed at globally and I would highly recommend it for travellers of all types (Note: the property closed November to March).

There is a bus stop is outside the front door. Lots of onsite parking. If you are not hiring a car then note that the taxi from Naples airport can be negotiated down to about EUR€120 but I still get the feeling I was had.

An alternative route would be to take a EUR€5 taxi (10 minutes) to Cetara and a ferry to Salerno (20 minutes, no stops, EUR€5 per passenger and EUR€5 per bag) then take the express train to Naples Centrale (35 minutes) for EUR€4.30 then it is a 15 minute taxi ride to the airport for about EUR€20 depending.

Get a train from the same station to Pompei and Vesuvius. Do the Vesuvius hike, allocate a day for Pompei (divert from the crowd and go south to the less crowded side streets and vineyards (near where the mummified bodies exhibit is), take the ferry (Travel Mar is the best company IMHO) to Sorrento and ferry hop the Amalfi coast from Sorrento to Positano to Maoiri to Minori to Cetara and then Salerno and then take the train (30 minutes) back to Naples. See Capri on your way – use Positano as your jump off point for that excursion.

Hiking, water sports, climbing, boating, fishing, sight seeing, food, museums, the locals – they are all here! You can book tickets for most of the above online.

Google it. Google is your friend.


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