Thoughts of the Day 14

Colombia has neo-Nazis, too & Whenever someone talks of bitcoin and blockchain, I just hear “bla bla bullshit bla bla”.

The Happy Hermit

  1. If I am ever on a quiz show, my telephone joker will be the dude who wrote Wikipedia.
  2. Suki Kim has done impressive undercover reporting in North Korea, fooling both her employer, by pretending that she was a devout Christian, and of course the North Korean government.
  3. The resulting book is Without you, there is no us: my secret life teaching the sons of North Korea’s elite
  4. If I had listened to all the well-meaning advice I ever got, I would lead a boring life.
  5. “Oh, your Spanish is very good,” people all over Latin America tell me. I thought it was a personal compliment until I realized that my Bolivian accent makes me sound more refined.
  6. After my trip in South America, I have an unused but not generally useless package of anti-malaria medicine to give away.
  7. On the other hand, thanks to climate change

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