Post-truth, Fake-news and Big Data – Killing In The Name Of

In spite of the best efforts of Big Data acolytes to paint Big Data sceptics as Luddites (and, I have nothing against Luddites per se), the argument is babble, since the aged, brute-force and relatively unsophisticated approach to list creation and counting, isn’t that new and isn’t that smart and in many cases it certainly isn’t as uniquely cost-effective as it is touted to be either.

Moreover, it doesn’t even replace anyone with a machine – it just takes up time, money and patience – and worst of all, deflects attention away from more important initiatives and issues. So, no. Nothing to do with Luddites at all.

Nothing to do with ignorance of Big Data, nothing to do with clinging to the past, and, nothing to do with a refusal to embrace the new. It’s about pointing out amazing Big Data success stories that don’t deliver on their promise. It’s about calling bullshit on bullshit and the bombastic clowns who spread it.

Now, if there’s a cost-benefit advantage to be had, and the answer is Big Data technology, then one would simply use it. Naturally.

Source: Post-truth, Fake-news and Big Data

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