A Theme Song For The Inauguration

I guess everyone who loves music holds a particular place in their heart for the music of the decade that was the soundtrack to their youth. I certainly do and for me that decade was the 1980’s.

I am writing this with the “Absolute 80s” radio station playing on Sky in the background. The station that “celebrates the music of 1980, 1989 and the 8 years in between”. Godley & Creme “Under Your Thumb” is on at the moment. They also directed videos for 80s icons Ultravox, The Police, Duran Duran and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

It was a huge decade for music. It’s importance has been magnified by the untimely passing of legends Prince and George Michael who began their careers in the 80s. Bowie of course also passed, he had 80s classics like “China Girl”, “Modern Love”, Loving The Alien”, “Ashes to Ashes”, “Fashion”, “Under Pressure” (with Queen), “Cat People”, “Lets Dance”, “Blue Jean”, “Absolute Beginners” and the soundtrack to Live Aid “Dancing In The Street” with Mick Jagger. Others like Glenn Frey of The Eagles, who launched his solo career in the 80s, passed too.

But I am not writing this as some music journo to recite a list of artists and hits and milestones. I am writing it because it is nostalgic for me to do so. And with the death of these music heroes of mine it has reminded me of my mortality and how quickly time passes. It also makes me think more often these days “that youth is wasted on the young”. It was wasted on me I think.

Music always informs the mood, sets the tone, expresses in art that which is happening in our everyday lives. Tomorrow Trump gets inaugurated and I dedicate this lyric excerpt and video to that event. To replace the #MAGA hashtag I propose the #TINA one. #Peace

“A little piece of you, The little peace in me will die, This is not America”

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