Isn’t This Shit Meant To Get Easier

I am told that my maternal great-grandmother used to say that your life changed every seven years. She was a child of the 19th century so I guess it would be safe to assume that maybe this cycle has shortened in the intervening period.

Regardless the statement made me make a quick stock take of my definable life “phases” to date. I decided to break the analysis into decades rather than sequences of seven.

My teens were characterised by rebellion, violence and bewilderment with respect to understanding the opposite sex – standard enough I guess.

My 20’s by relationships, children, business ambitions and problems with the media.

My 30s by business disasters, financial problems and some sort of post-traumatic fallout issues.

My 40’s by more rebellion (I should know better at this point), extreme violence, utter confusion when it comes to women, acute relationship problems, extravagant media disasters, business dilemmas that make my head spin, more financial challenges and escalating levels of self doubt, anxiety and stress – there was a bit of poverty in there somewhere too.

As I head toward the half century I have to ask myself – isn’t this shit meant to get easier.

I think I’m doing something wrong! 🙂

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