Ireland Late Again To Recognise Threat From Radical Islamists

Islamic State suspected to have been using Ireland as easy access to U.K.  The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) suspects will be prevented from using Irish ports as an easy access to get to Britain after gardai decided to crack down, based on threats. Launching the ‘Operation Mutiny’, a garda operation began after doubts arose that there might be suspects using the ports due to its weak security and surveillance systems.

The security has tightened and has become widespread over the past few weeks at the ports in Dublin and Rosslare.

Sources have revealed the details of the operation, its initiation and its importance. Several meetings were reportedly held with senior Garda officers and their U.K. counterparts after the summer Brexit referendum.

Vast amounts of overtime has been promised to those willing to work with the garda operations to protect the country.The management is Rosslare alone has sanctioned 100 hours of overtime a day.

According to the Herald, a source said, “Security at our ports was found to be porous and weak. The U.K. authorities were very concerned that IS terrorists could use these ports to get into Britain to launch a terrorist attack so Operation Mutiny was put in place.”

“There were a number of meetings held between representatives of the different forces and these ultimately led to the drawing up of a policing plan which has been successful so far,” the source went on to add.

“This has been a sustained and massive operation which has meant that gardai have been checking virtually every vehicle coming into and out of these ports,” the source further told the Herald.

Adding, “Overtime for officers is being offered on a daily basis and there can be no doubt that these ports are far more secure than they were even a couple of months ago.”

Heavily armed Garda have been deployed, apart from the existing Garda units from the Garda Regional Support Unit (RSU). Due to unavailability of officers in the South East, the southern region of the RSU has taken charge in the ports of Rosslare.

‘Significant seizures’ of stolen property has been noted even though no ISIS interception has been made yet.

Burglaries that involve members of Romanian and other Eastern European organised crime gangs have been spotted and put an end to through the activities of the RSU.

Several cars reported stolen, have been found and the success in finding significant stolen goods has made the operation partly successful. However, it is expected for the operation to be ‘wound down’ by the end of the year.

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3 thoughts on “Ireland Late Again To Recognise Threat From Radical Islamists

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  2. Alex

    So after 2 years and 6 months of Daesh (IS) leaving and entering this Bananarepublik with two open harbours they got aware that there is an threat?
    Instead of arresting Daesh (IS) – you know my dear Garda-Leprechaun these cute fellahs with beard, wearing bedsheets and suicide vests ye blow some Gypsy business LOL ….
    Gabh mo leitsceal but are you idiots on drugs from the Evidence-room? Or are the Peelers sniffing their pepperspary?

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    1. AirGap Anonymity Collective Post author

      The state security forces in Ireland while inept in general are still incredibly dangerous to those who they take issue with. And those that they take issue with are not always those who have broken the law. There is no need for me to repeat the several major cases that have come to light of victimisation, planting evidence, false imprisonment, entrapment, undermining, smear campaigning and harassing those who oppose their tactics and/or agenda. But the attitude to Daesh in general in the RoI is ambivalent and there are large sections of Irish society and political activists who in fact support a version of radical Islam – whether Hamas, the PLO (in earlier times), Palestinian extremism and so on. They see no contradiction in supporting these groups who would not support them or provide them with the freedom that exists in Ireland to hold contrary views. This is the Irish paradox. Whether these people hold these opinions because of emotive contrariness, a wish to support anything that involves dramatics, a general hatred of Israel, anti-Semitism or just plain ignorance I do not know.



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