Hardware Kit for Infrastructure Assessments

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Penetration Testing Lab

Except of the dedicated testing laptop and a variety of tools and scripts, penetration testers should have some additional hardware kit to support the engagement with common issues that might happen during onsite visits. It is always a good practise to plan ahead before the problem knocks on the door. The following kit is recommended for every penetration tester.

USB Ethernet Switch

There are situations where there are limited network ports and many penetration testers. Usually this problem is solved before penetration testers arrive onsite since scoping documents include this as a client requirement. However penetration testers they might seat in a conference room where there are not  enough ports for all them or they can share the same desk in order to collaborate better during the engagement. A 4 port USB Ethernet switch can solve this problem.

USB Ethernet Switch USB Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Cable Connector

Due to the location of the Ethernet cable at client site sometimes the laptop Ethernet port is not reachable…

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