Ireland is NOT a Privacy Advocate

If Microsoft vs FBI required Ireland to publish the personal details of every facebook user in plain text on the front pages of the Sunday newspapers – then that is what would have happened. The view that Ireland is a Privacy ADVOCATE for the world whose lives are described on social media sites whose data is located in the Irish jurisdiction is a total myth. It is also a myth to believe that the Office of the data protection Commissioner in Ireland is a champion for Privacy rights with respect to the data held in the Irish jurisdiction by US multinationals.

Ireland Inc. For Sale To The Highest Bidder

Much like the bizarre appeal on behalf of apple‍ by the Irish government‍ with respect to EUR€13B of unpaid taxes as a result of the Irish FDI arrangement of convenience similarly the will or the expertise or the correct political pressure simply does not exist in the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner‍ to deal with the issues for which they are allegedly champions.

They simply play whichever tune the prevailing opinion of the relevant US corporation requires – that is where the political pressure versus the “correct political pressure” plays its part in this process. They are TOLD not to rock the boat or disagree with the stance required by the US multinationals.

Ms. Helen Dixon’s Professional Pedigree

Helen Dixon is the current data protection Commissioner in Ireland and previously was the Registrar of Companies at The Companies registration Office in Ireland. If I am one of two Directors of a Limited Company in the Rep. of Ireland and if I was in dispute with my fellow Director then I can very simply resign my fellow Director by forgery and appoint another in their stead.

I can issue what is called a B10 form, forge my fellow Directors signature and resign them from the company without being questioned. At the CRO signatures are not validated via the process that one often sees at financial institutions – comparing signatures against samples on file.

If my former fellow Director chose to appeal my forgery they will likely fail as the system is not designed for oversight. I can vouch for at least 50 cases where I know this to be true.

That is the level of oversight that Ms. Dixon presided over in that organisation. It is ironic that Ms. Dixon has now graduated to being the Data Protection tsar in Ireland coming from several years at the CRO where she utterly failed to implement proper rigour with respect to authenticating documents and verifying the veracity of submissions.

Perception of Ireland’s Financial & Data Protections Policies amongst EU Member States

In 2015 Dixon noted the negative comments she had been met with at various privacy events throughout the world since she came to the job as Data protection Commissioner. At one event, there was a view of Ireland that it sought to attract the big software multinationals with “questionable tax incentives” and that her office retained those jobs by “softly regulating them in data protection terms”. See

Ireland & GCHQ

Have you heard of the new API exchange‍ arrangement (Advanced Passenger Information‍) that Ireland has with the united Kingdom – just in case you are visiting there soon. If not see In March of this year speaking in brussels at an extraordinary meeting of the EU’sJustice and Home Affairs Committee‍, Frances Fitzgerald the Irish Justice Minister said she was finalising a statutory instrument‍ which will provide the legal basis through which Irish-based airlines and ferry companies can provide the UK authorities with API data‍.

GCHQ, the NSA & The Five Eyes

That’s GCHQ to you and I – an outfit so replete with uninhibited authority‍ to probe peoples lives that even the NSA had to send the PRISM data to them at GCHQ to process and access via the XKEYSCOREsystem as the outrageously intrusive patriot act still did not allow them the same powers compared to what GCHQ can do. And the Irish are sharing data with these guys at levels that would make your head spin. This public announcement in March 2016 re API data is just the tip of the iceberg.

How bout them apples 🙂 Irish and privacy advocacy – don’t make me laugh. Oops I am already.

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