"Merchant Prince" Coveney Too Busy To Do His Job

The sewage from thirty nine homes has continued to pour out onto the beach at Doldrum Bay all Summer. It is still flowing undisturbed into the beautiful and protected coastal Howth environment.

Irish Water have committed via the EPA to a short term solution being in place by the end of September. This short term solution consists of putting a pipe out into the sea and diverting the sewage off the beach.

This will still be an illegal discharge and they will remain in breach of their Ringsend License. It also raises questions about their right to carry out work on the foreshore at all. Irish Water have assured the EPA that they are moving forward with a long term solution.

An unsightly and unauthorised warning sign has been installed on the cliffs 15 minutes walk from the site of the discharge. It has no name or contact details on it but presumably was erected by Irish Water.

Regarding the change.org petition – Mr. Patrick Jackson has repeatedly tried to contact Simon Coveney via email, social media and at his offices in an attempt to arrange a handover of the document. He has received no reply or acknowledgment.

Unfortunately, it would seem that our petitioning efforts have fallen on deaf ears and a firmly closed door despite Minister Coveney having boasted that his door would always be open to people concerned about the marine environment.


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