Good Tor Behaviours

Using Tor does not ensure your anonymity, there are many many ways that you can be de-anonymised. You will always leave footprints. If you do leave a footprint in error then your job is to try to make them “65 million year old hard to find fossilised dinosaur” footprints and not “freshly pressed custom-made initialled Nike” footprints.

There are all sorts of “novel attack vectors” that can be used to identify Tor users. Developing a counter-surveillance and anonymity mindset while following disciplined behavioural habits combined with the correct installation and isolation of your Tor presence will avoid 99% of the ways that Tor users have their identities exposed.

Try to eliminate the most blatantly obvious technical and non-technical behaviours that will compromise the integrity of your anonymous identity online. Use Tor consistently:

  1. Don’t use Tor at home, in your hotel room, at your favourite coffee house;
  2. Watch out for & monitor for DNS leaks;
  3. Don’t be the only person using Tor on a monitored network at a given time;
  4. Use a bridge;
  5. Leave encrypted laptops in a powered down state when not in use;
  6. Don’t use the same or similar usernames and passwords as your real life online identity;
  7. Don’t mix normal internet usage with Tor usage (correlation attack opportunities);
  8. Don’t talk about the local weather, events, news when using your Tor identity;
  9. Avoid expressions of personal preferences – movies, music, cars, sports;
  10. Don’t maintain a whitelisted website list for java scripting;
  11. Don’t use browser add-ons that can coerce your real IP address from your browser;

More later … Ciao!

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