Just Another Dent in Your Privacy

The wholesale and undemocratic removal of personal #freedoms and erosions of #privacy without consultation also includes a plan to gain access to data from #Viber, #Skype, #Whatsapp and other providers that allow #IP based phone calls.

Anonymous Chronic

The EU’s Justice and Home Affairs Committee held an extraordinary meeting in Brussels this week. They did as they normally do – made a bunch of decisions that affect your privacy – without consulting you – their normal MO.

The Irish Justice Minister – some middle aged woman with about as much awareness of the basis of the global jihadism as the average infant – stated that she was finalising a “statutory instrument” which will provide the legal basis through which Irish-based airlines and ferry companies will provide the UK authorities with API data (Advance Passenger Information).

From then on all passengers entering the Common Travel Area in the EU will have their data shared amongst what is being called “the appropriate law enforcement and immigration authorities” before they start their journey. As usual the definition of “appropriate” is code for just about anybody they feel like sharing it with – without oversight.

European Ministers…

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