ISIL/ISIS Regional Analysis in Pictures June 2014 (Acknowledgements – Durham Specialist Risk Management)

Jun 25, 2014 1:05:00 PM 
(Acknowledgments to 3rd Party Sources called out below)

In a previous employment I worked in al-Anbar Province, Iraq. In 2010, we monitored a variety of Sunni militant groups, groups with different strategies and ideologies in the Sunni areas of the country. There was the 1920s Revolutionary Brigade, a group whose name refers to the 1920s revolution against British colonial rule in Iraq. Their goal was to establish a liberated and independent Iraqi state on an Islamic basis. An offshoot of the 1920s is Hamas al Iraq, the militant wing of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) who broke away in 2007. This group has a Sunni nationalist agenda and wanted to propel the IIP to being the prominent political party in Anbar. 

Fig 1: Iraqi Spec-Ops Convoy en route to Mosul

Jaysh Rijal al Tariq al Naqshabandi (JRTN) were felt by the US military to be the greatest long term threat to the stability of Iraq. JRTN operated to desabilise Iraq through attacks against security forces, prevent Iranian influence in the country, with the aim of restoring the Ba’ath Party and expelling foreign forces. This group was made up of former Saddam regime commanders and intelligence personnel under the New Ba’ath Party, a secularist political party, mixing Arab nationalist and socialist interests. Finally there were the Islamic fundamentalist militant groups, al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq, which has morphed into the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL.

Fig 2: Vice News Field Report

See full article by Michael McCabe at:

Fig 3: Iranian Regional Sphere of Influence

Fig 4: Islamic State formerly ISIS/ISIL Regional Presence (not current)

Fig 5: The Kurd’s Regional Presence      

 Fig 6: Analysis of the Region known as the Levant                                    

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